The Most Advanced Home WiFi

eero™ WiFi 6 Whole-Home WiFi Managed By Surf Broadband

eero app

Surf Fiber Internet Deserves the Best WiFi

Surf Broadband has partnered with Amazon to bring you the best WiFi 6 Whole Home WiFi available.  The eero platform through Surf is only $6 per unit / month and you get amazing speed, coverage and control.  Don’t worry about providing your home with the best WiFi, we’ll bring it or ship it to you.


Control your whole home using the simple mobile app, powered by eero™, and managed by Surf Broadband.


Need help with your network or WiFi coverage?  We fully manage each system and can identify issues during a support call.


eero Secure™ gives you access to parental controls, including content filters and the ability to block and allow individual sites.


eero Secure™ protects your growing digital life, keeping your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats with world-class security.

How Many eeros™ Do I Need?

3 Eeros - Larger home with multiple stories.

3 Eeros - Larger home with two stories.

2 Eeros - Medium size home with multiple stories.

1 Eero - Small single story home.