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  • Use Promo Code: Dec2021
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Every Surf Fiber Internet plan comes with symmetrical speeds and the reliability to keep you and all your in-home devices connected.  Add Whole-Home Wifi powered by eero™ to stream, work, browse and play from every corner of your home.  Enjoy enhanced security and control all through an easy-to-use app.

Get the fastest connection available with a secure connection and built-in safety features. Call us for more information at (844) 606-SURF

What Makes Surf Fiber So Great?

The benefits of fiber internet are obvious, but here’s how we are different.

No Setup Cost

Free Installation

That’s right, one of our expert fiber technicians will come set up your new fiber internet connection at zero, free, no cost. Go ahead and put your $$$ right back in your wallet, it’s not needed to get connected to the fastest fiber internet around.

No Contracts

Fiber Internet with No Commitment

Let’s face it, most internet companies use contracts to “lock you in” to a price then raise it once the term is up. Wouldn’t it be nice if an ISP offered the fastest internet, didn’t put me into a 2 year contract, and still offered a great price? Well, we are Surf Broadband and you found a fiber provider that does just that.

No Data Caps

Say Yes To Unlimited

Companies have to work pretty hard to track your data usage to bill you more if you hit a cap, or slow you down after so much has been used. Surf Fiber doesn’t do that. We believe your internet should be used as much or as little as you want, period.

Whole Home WiFi

Get connected with WiFi 6

What’s the point of getting a gigabit fiber connection if your WiFi can’t keep up? Lucky for us (and you) the newest WiFi devices are getting fast, like really fast. Surf and eero have partnered to offer the best WiFi at a low monthly cost.

Fiber Internet Fast WiFi Surf

Join the fastest growing Fiber Internet network in the Midwest

Don’t Miss Out

Getting the fastest fiber internet in the Mid-West is a big deal, don’t miss out on connecting once fiber in your area is live, you’ll wish you would have sooner!

Our fiber internet is not a pipe dream – it’s real, and gives everyone the chance to do great things.