Fiber to your building will set your property apart allowing your tenants immediate access to the most flexible Internet technologies.

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Bring Surf Broadband Fiber
to your Building

Surf Broadband is constantly looking to grow our footprint within Commercial MDU and Residential MDU properties. Help us help your tenants by offering the fastest fiber Internet services in the Great Lakes Region.

Step 1 - Site Survey

The first step to get your building lit with fiber is to survey the property. This process includes finding an appropriate entry point, equipment mounting location and potential client analysis.

Step 2 - Contract Acceptance

Each property will have an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of offering fiber service. These terms will include, but are not limited to: term, right of presence, required footprint, commissions per contract. Our agreements focus on creating affordable access to fiber for each tenant.

Step 3 - Install Fiber

Most of the time our fiber equipment does not require power, and our footprint is extremely small. Our construction team will be in direct contact regarding the required permits and the project timeline.

Step 4 - Stand Out From the Rest

No doubt, offering a fiber lit building will allow you to offer current and future tenants with services they need to keep their tech running. We will assist in marketing the new services and create a plan with you to sign up residents. Don’t be left out, connect with Surf today.

Residential MDU

Bring Surf Broadband Fiber into your residential building for the fastest Internet in the region.

  • No more Internet LAG
  • Support seamless WFH
  • Online Gaming and Video
  • Gigabit Speeds

Commercial MDU

Stand out by providing access to the fastest Broadband in the Great Lakes region.

  • Access to fiber is more impartant than location
  • 3 out of 5 businesses look at fiber as a necessity
  • SMB and Enterprise
  • Your Local Fiber Partner

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