Partner Focused Telecom Solutions

Partnering with Surf Broadband Solutions will empower you with a community fiber backbone dedicated to commissions, superb client support, and growing your business.

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Surf Broadband Solutions offers a mix of technologies to connect the hardest to reach or main street customers.

  • New Fiber
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Private WAN
  • Bespoke Telecom Solutions


We pride ourselves on beating the competition in speed and price, see how flexible a local company can be.

  • 100 Mbps to Gig FTTx
  • 10 Gig to 100 Gbps
  • FAST Installation
  • Financing Options

Local Commitment

Our company is hyper focused on delivering the best service through our local regional offices.

  • 5 Offices in Great Lakes Region
  • Millions of dollars committed
  • K-12 and Gov. Partnerships
  • Our own Splice Crews

Get In Touch

Questions about partnering with Surf Broadband Solutions? Reach out to our dedicated Channel Team.